Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~ WAZZUB is a God Sent! ~

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Espanol: HagaClicAqui

Great JOB & BIG Heart Gee. Thanks to YOU to be There, with us as a leader and friend. You did it very well and Insuflate POWER & BELIEF to all of us. The Power of "You" (your Charisma), your faith. The Power of  "WAZZUB" (the profit share they've set up and ) to make our dearest dreams reality and ... The Power of "US" (the people, who believe in WAZZUB ). "WE" all make it possible - That's THE POWER of "WE". A BIG and Grateful WAZZUB Family. WAZZUB is THE place for Pioneers, Visionary and Optimistic people. The skepticals will regret their skepticism but it will be tooooo laaaate! ( GOD BLESS "YOU", "WAZZUB" & the "WAZZUB MEMBERS" 

Robert Moens 


I was surprised when I saw on the blog yesterday that you posted the little comment (above)
I wrote after the webinar saturday. It was a nice feeling to see it on the blog.

You know, Gee ...I'm sure in the deepest of my heart that WAZZUB is a gift of God,
a manifestation of his love to the people all around the world, a helping hand
to those who will take it and change their life for better.
A lot of people pray and ask God for some help but when that help come

( in the form of WAZZUB or something else) they don't want it. They prefer
complain themselfe always and again.
WAZZUB is not complicate, but people are complicate, even the charities are very
skeptical here in France. But it don't refresh me, adversity always made me stronger,
because I know in WHO I've put my belief.

God bless,

Robert Moens  

It was early in the morning and having a cup coffee while reading a newspaper, thinking whether to open my 
computer or not. And look for any possible buzz in the internet world, maybe a passive income in any program.

That was few years ago, after trying a countless program that promises fortunes and easy money, attending a number of webinars , listening to the internet GURUS and buying a lot of sophisticated software program, different tricky money making method, well, most of them are just a HYPE.- some may work but some are a fly by night program. That was Four years ago.

What else i can say?, burnt-out most of the time, scratching my head, losing interest and starting to give up. Looks like I'm not the only one.

It was the same year when i stumbled upon a certain website about an image of a girl that caught my attention, pointing her finger towards me, Sounds Familiar, isn't it. Guess what? I found what I'm looking for, Imagine, you don't need to buy anything or sell any product and services.

And what makes it different from others, it is totally FREE FOREVER! How cool is that?  Yeah! you heard it right I'm on Board again,Why not? I just found a New Family, a happy family, a family who give charity to the less fortunate ones, a family called WAZZUB. It gives me a reason to turn on my computer everyday and it excites me. 'My Journey with WAZZUB begins'.

Roy Arilla
WAZZUB Verified Member

WAZZUB is a very brilliant idea, and I can only see that this idea comes from heaven and not man. God has a heart for the poor and the underprivileged and WAZZUB is Godsent to all who have the faith to join. Some think WAZZUB is too good to be true and that no company would share its profits with its users, but this is only because it has never happened before, and WAZZUB is the first to do it.
All the allegations of "scam" are just the rantings of the jealous, envious, terrified and troubled competition to get people away from WAZZUB, but this misinformation and disinformation will not work. God is behind WAZZUB to change the face of the internet, and those who have the faith to join are on the winning side.

Brother Edmund  Amartey

Hi Gee,
A blessing to you and your family that surely support you!
You know Gee, i have many reasons to tell the world that Wazzub is a true blessing, for all of us!
For sure many of us have our own believe, nonetheless does that makes that God does not exist!
God never, but never test any human being with wicked things, for He himself cannot be test with bad!
So just like the rains and the sun come for good and less good ones! So did God let you use the wisdom
He gave you to creae Wazzub and help specially those in great needs!
It is for sure, 100% for sure that this a chance that will not be repeated again!
The best of the testimonies Gee will be told to you when Wazzub starts to pay and keeps growing and keeps paying!
Let all of us bow and give the Almighty God the Honor he deserves.
Let all of us ask God for Gee, his family and all the owners of Wazzub, whoever they are!
Gee stay pending for the best of comments when we start earning!


Mr. Rudolf Henriquez 

WAZZUB is as perfect as its home page. What a wonderful project. I believe so deeply in this project that my heart bursts in flames every time I talk about it. Just ask my friends and family. These are the projects/programs that will help with the Internet's reputation - there really are amazing people in the world. WAZZUB was created by good people for good people; yes, we, the members are all good people. God has placed WAZZUB in our paths as his way of showing us that his promise is there, but it is up to us to grab it, wrap our hearts around it and share it with others. WAZZUB is changing our lives - millions of lives worldwide. Thank you WAZZUB! And a very special Thank you to Gee, our AWESOME Leader. WAZZUB  is where it is today thanks to your encouragement, honesty and always speaking from your heart. God Bless you, the WAZZUB Team and all its Members!

Connie Cantillo 
Proud WAZZUB Pre-Launch Member

When my upline dropped me a Wazzub ad late in December 2011 in a social network, my first impression was that this is too good to be true. I said OK, let me check how their business model is. I started to read Wazzub FAQs It was so powerful document. As a business consultant, I have been engaged in writing several business plans as well as going through several business plans written by others which were brought to my office for the purpose of uplifting them. The overarching success factor in any business is a business model. In any business model, a revenue generation is a key. It was so obvious from Wazzub FAQs that they have a wonderful internet business model which has potential to generate revenues like crazy!! A model that presents a win-win situation for both internet users and Wazzub owners. So after reading that document, I was already fired up and ready to click the invitation link of my upline to take this opportunity. But I said let me go through other documents first so that I understand this opportunity thoroughly so as to be in a position to explain it to my potential partners whom I will invite. I then went through a document that explains why Wazzub is different This was even more powerful tool on articulating Wazzub business model. I finally went through three parts of recorded webinars in the Wazzub blog that explains the Wazzub business model. Soon after finishing watching these videos, I clicked my upline link and join this opportunity. I got my invitation link and start to spread the viral immediately to all my relatives, friends, peers and in the social networks to where I belong. I couldn't believe when I found some people hesitate to take this wonderful opportunity. I explained to them the business model and why this is the most plausible business model I ever come across in my life. Many understood me and join the opportunity immediately but some were hesitant. But I am 100% sure that the days of skeptical guys out there are numbered and I will prove to them that I was a right leader who was helping them to see opportunity amidst a bush of bogus internet deals out there.

Needless to say that Gee has a lion's share of success Wazzub has achieved up to now due to his terrific persuasion and presentation skills.

A new world order is about to begin. God bless Wazzub. God bless Wazzubians.

Kind regards,

Shafi K. Abeid


Sharing the good among so many has never been this great. Once I got
chosen to be County Manager, last of my doubts were blown away. Not 
everyone can be a country manager but anyone can be a member and
share the power of "We". 

Petri Pikkarainen

WAZZUB is an opportunity unlike any other I have ever seen. The leadership here, is always there for you when you need them. The atmosphere you get when you join this family, is exactly, as a family atmosphere should be. This is truly a company of people helping people. That is where THE POWER OF WE comes in. As we all help each other with in this WAZZUB family there will be NO LIMITS to what WE can all accomplish. I look forward to a lifetime with all of you. 

God Bless.

Paul Mercier

WAZZUB is an opportunity ... A chance that never comes back ... That's all I ever wanted ... When TOGETHER WE can change ... WE together, can create something different. WAZZUB is fantastic ...WAZZUB is special ... I see every day that this project is giving me a lot... This project is giving me so much enthusiasm and desire to do good things for everyone.
Thanks to Gee DaCosta, our Master Distributor, which supports and helps us. When I created WAZZUB Italia (, I did it because I believed and I realized that WAZZUB has great potential. 
I am sure WAZZUB will change the lives of millions if not billions of people ... Mine has already changed

Thanks WAZZUB, thanks Gee ... and ...Thanks to all my WAZZUB FAMILY


Hi all.
When I first saw an ad
WAZZUB, I thought it was another of the thousands of programs that marketers see even using traffic exchanges. When the next time I read about what's occurred to me that this is a chance that I can not go to waste. This was the time before Christmas. In a moment we had a great event to celebrate the anniversary, the birth of the great hope of all people in the world .... It's hard not to resist the comparison .... Especially since the "Bid Day" will coincide with another, even greater and more excellent date. Is not it amazing?!
But each of us is waiting for his chance of life, right? .... Just like when no one expected that it has just arrived, so now a lot of people do not realize what they have before their eyes. All the time I try to realize that other people in my country. Looking for discussion on various forums and chats always trying to answer every question. Just as we have with us everywhere, many skeptics and "scamscreamers" but I am convinced that they realize what is
WAZZUB. They are afraid to admit only :)
I wish everyone all the best. Thanks to all, especially Gee, who provides us with so much positive energy :)

Grzegorz Maciocha 
WAZZUB Poland 
Hi Gee, it is my pleasure to put my comments here, First thanks for what you do and as well the WAZZUB team.They work very hard. It is not so easy to have  everything  to do in such a short time, especially when  things were not expected  to turned out the way it did. But this is why I am sure from the start it is GOD'S WILL. I heard about WAZZUB on December 31. It was 10 O'clock and the letter said we had until 12.00 P.M. to registered, so a brand new year with a brand new FAMILY. Sure came straight from Heaven. When you said you would needed a helping hand for the translation I never thought I would be chosen came straight from Heaven. And to do even better God gave us Gee ,the perfect man  with his patience, he always manage to turn things the positive way. I believe in WAZZUB the power of WE. Together we will make it. Lets get all the red checks turn  to green from now on. And wait till April 09 the skeptics will be confuses.5,000.000 believers??? SURE! LET'S ACTIVATE THE POWER OF WE!
Claudette Tremblay ~ Canada ~I believe Wazzub is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you miss it, you will lose not only a monthly paycheck without being forced to work, but you will also lose a social community that has faith in the power of "WE" and that helps the needy and charities around the world. Stop being skeptical! What are going to lose? It is FREE and it will always be. Just give this opportunity some of your precious time, love and care. Anyway, it goes without saying that nothing ventured, nothing gained.   
Tawfik Ben Hmida ~ Tunisia ~Wazzub is for me a wonderfull opportunity to get my life set up.
I have no job at the moment and want to build my own income with Wazzub.
It is working for me and the people of Wazzub are very Helpfull.
So thats what i think means THE POWER OF WE.
I like it thats it's free and that you meet other people and it will change my life.
I love Wazzub and so should the world.

Help each other and think of other people and not only think about yourself.

With kind regards,

Erwin Noever

Wazzub... such a small word and yet such a great doing Wazzub truly is an amazing opportunity and in so many ways just imagine how many lives will be changed. Wazzub is giving the opportunity to change not only our lives but also the lives of those that are in need that we don't even know and that everyday they must struggle to get a piece of bread and many of them die everyday because they can not reach for that piece of bread many of us don't even know about that but even worst than that many people in this world don't even care about it and in my case that bothers me so since I met Wazzub I was truly kind of a old dream come true not only gives me a chance to give myself and my family a better life but also will give a chance to those that are in need and that don't have no one that cares for them or even if there is someone that cares for them they just can't do enough because there are to many people in need and the help to them is not even half of what it should be.
We all have to make choices in live I have made my own choices some good and also some bad choices, Well today I am sure of one thing Wazzub is by far the best choice I ever made and probably will ever make, so if you are reading this and still you not sure of what to do let me tell you something this is a unique concept that will turn your live around and later you will see that I was right and by joining you can also give this opportunity to a friend or a Family member this is truly one time lifetime opportunity make a big change in your life and ALL FOR FREE.
Don't delay do it today do it NOW join WAZZUB
Cliff Tavares ~Portugal!
Wonderful  World  of  Wazzub,

Hello  World....what  a  fantastic  opportunity  we  have  been  given  to  become  a  part  of 
this  amazing,  new,  soon  to  be  world  wide  leader...who  could  have  ever  thought  that  such
an  idea  would  be  able   to  bring  together  so  many  different  countries,  people,  and  cultures
to  interact  as  a  family  of  one .....sharing and helping   one  another  even  across  the   boundries
of different  languages...this  is  the  Power  of  "WE"

Not  only  has  Wazzub  given  "us" (we ) the   unheard  of  chance  to  share  in  their  profits
but  also  the  ladder  with  which  the  pre launch  members  may  use  to  climb  to  their  finiancial
freedom....many  to  reach  their  wildest  dreams....

But....Wazzub  didn't  stop  there !!   And  this  has  got  to  be  the  greatest  thing  any  major  new
company  has  ever  done....Wazzub  International  has  so  graciously created   the Wazzub  Charity
Funds....which  will not  only  share  in the  Profit  Sharing  Phenomenom  but  also  recieve  an  
additional  twenty  percent  of  the  world  wide charity  fund .... bringing  many  unheard of  charities  to  
the  front  of  the  world  stage....and  better  still , "WE" the  pre launch  members  get  to  choose  our
favorite  charity  to  invite  into  our  Family
A huge  Thank You Wazzub  will never be  enough  gratitude

This  is  the  Power  of  "WE" ...... This  is  the  Wonderful  World  of  Wazzub

Les " Wazzub Wizzard " Reed
Oklahoma , U. S. A.

Wazzub is the leader of the new era. It is about changing the lives of 
many people. What do I mean when I say Changing? Yes, the main thing 
that Wazzub is different in, are the money! We all have the chance to 
become financially independent! But the first change and the most 
important one is inside us! Money is something we all need to survive, 
to do, to live. But do we believe that we deserve it? Do we believe that
 it is possible to earn money without working very hard for it? Do we 
believe that there is more to this life then just working hard to earn 
money? Do we believe that it is possible to live a good and happy life 
by doing what makes us happy while having residual passive income?...So 
you see it is all about the inside :), It is about changing ourselves 
and step into a better future! :) You are not alone, we are 
many....Welcome :) ~ The Power of "WE" ~
Marija Ilievska
Wazzub is a unique business concept and has never existed before. There has never been a company that shares profits to the users of their services every month for life.
I find Wazzub just like a gift that comes out of nowhere. I honestly can not remember who brought and guided me find Wazzub. Many times I opened my old emails, visited websites in the history of the browser, still no answer. A few days ago (March 20) an email came into my inbox and reminded me that the pre-launch will end on April 9, 2012. Surprisingly, it turns out that the email came from somebody who sponsored me and I really do not know him at all. I am very grateful to him, he came from the United States while I am a citizen of Indonesia. We are tens of thousands of kilometers away and the time difference of more than 10 hours. How could this happen?

It's certainly not a coincidence, there were forces that make this scenario happen, and I believe God has worked to make this happen. Thank God for sending someone guide me to the registration page of Wazzub. Also thank God for sending Gee DaCosta who gave me many lessons over a number of outstanding webinars and encouraged me when I started to doubt about Wazzub.
Sometimes I do not understand the secret behind all these events. Many of my friends declined or ignored my invitation to join Wazzub, while I myself simply signup at the instigation of someone that I even do not know. Then my conclusion is "Wazzub is a gift from God" and I thanks to God for this.
With best regards,

Antonius W. Harijanto ~
Once I heard a story about a man who had a very big faith to his God. One day there was a flood coming, and many people would die from drowning. He asked for help, and his god agreed to help him. The water was coming and soon it reached his belly. Then a fellow on a simple raft came by, asked him to join, there was room for 2.  The man thanked no, I have another appointment he said, and the guy went away. Now the water was so high that it reached the 1st floor in his house, he was looking out the window, and there was a small boat coming by, the people in the boat said to him, come join us, there is just room for you two, but he thanked no, I have another appointment he said, and the small boat sailed away. Now the water reached the roof, and he had to sit on the chimney, the water still raised. Then a helicopter spotted him and cried to him: grab the line, and we will rescue you, but the man cried back, thank you but I have an another appointment. The helicopter flew away. The water was still rising, and the man drowned. Now he stood there before his god, dead and angry, and shouted to his God, I believed in you, why did you let me down. Then the good God silently said to him, Now I sent somebody to rescue you 3 times, but you refused, what do you want me to do? This story is a very good example of Wazzub, Wazzub is sent from heaven, you have to listen to the people who want to help you, don’t refuse this opportunity, you will be sorry.Helene Denmark
What I feel about WAZZUB as a whole & What's WAZZUB to me!
Who would have in their wildest dream imagined, that there will ever be such an opportunity online for Sharing, Caring and Giving? Do more need to be said with, WAZZUB Community, WAZZUB Charity Funds and WAZZUB Profit Sharing Phenomenon? 
“WAZZUB” Community is very personal and has the very human touch and feel. It’s an experience no other online “Community” has ever provided. Where Family members are considered and valued in decision making, thus valuing us as Family Members.  Our needs are addressed and considered. Space and tools provided, allow us to explore and to be creative where we are in control of our space and not being controlled, within the terms and conditions which favour’s us the, “We Power”What sets “WAZZUB” apart from the rest, is not talk but actions. Here again WAZZZUB did the unthinkable by involving its members, to invite Charities and Non Profit organizations to participate and benefit from the WAZZUB Charity Funds. Then again WAZZUB stepped up to the plate and offered an additional 20% from their share of the profit to be shared with all the chosen Charities & NGO.  This truly paints the true picture of “WAZZUB”, Actions Speak Louder Than Words.
To top it all, WAZZUB offers 50% profit sharing with all its Pre-Launch members, regardless of where one comes from or status.  It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and WAZZUB is welcoming all with open arms. It’s FREE to be a member and imagine getting paid for the rest of your life for making WAZZUB your home page and inviting friends & family to be members before Pre-launch.  Was this ever done or offered, should be the question and why?

To value the Members who decides and or convinced to only join after pre-launch, WAZZUB offers Deal Points. Here again the rewards are real offers, and Deal Points are as good as cash to be used for online purchases.  
As the launch day approaches, we see more and more reality and feasibility of WAZZUB’s mission and goal, To “Share, Support & Care”.  WAZZUB, The Power of “We” a reality, the Question is this, are you a Watcher or a Player? Signup now For Free.

Kind Regards

Suresh Kumar

WAZZUB is a wonderful concept by wonderful people, full of energy and motivation to change the face of internet. Those who NEGLECT it, will surely REGRET it. Great thanks to Gee Dacosta and the Wazzub team.
Surely, the Power of 'WE' will rule the world.
God bless all.

WAZZUB is poised to illuminate your life and take you from financial struggle. Financial struggle comes as a result of fear & ignorance. People fear because they don’t take risk, but they fail to acknowledge the fact that life without challenge is retrogressive, your ability to face challenges exposes you to a greater height. When it comes to money, most people want to play it safe and feel secure but never want to face the risk involve. Now the big deal is No money, no risk, why are some still sluggish in taking their destiny into their hands?
Jude Adoghe
truly an amazing website, I believed that this was a sign from god and I had to take the chance. They were not asking anything from me and I thought might as well better safe than sorry. So far they have prooved time and again very trustworthy.Charlene Rose KarrasWazzUB is my Dream Activity which I was waiting since last 20 Yrs.
As such I was earning good Money but always having crisis of TIME to enjoy the Life.
So I was living a Dream that I must have some activity....
- For which I was ready to work Hard for some time of my Life
- Which can give me lots of Money ... Month after Month for the work I did in past.
- The Money should be more than enough to Live… Help me to enjoy the Life.
Something like Pension.... But Pension is just sufficient to pull the remaining Life. 
I wanted something BIG.
WazzUB gave me this opportunity.
My $ factor is +12000.... Wov...
I am sure after May2012 I can go on World Tour & my DREAM will come TRUE.
WazzUB..... is Just My Dream Activity… I don’t have any words to explain!!!!!!!!!

Thanks GOD
Thanks GOD
Thanks GOD
Thanks GOD
Thanks GOD

Dr. Dave HM
All of my Friends ! God Knows what Can i Hope from WAZZUB . WAzzUB is Going To Make True Goal Of Our Life. 
Wazzub Has Very Powerful Idea To Change The Poverty Of Whole World.
So friends We Must Support WAzzUb with Full Zeal & Heart.
Thanks WAzzUb for Your Concept& I m Lucky for a part of WAZZUB With More than 5000 $ Factor .

S.K. Srivastava
Hello everyone here..hey Wazzub !!! hehehe..sound good! welcome everybody and let's make a long-life friendship from our team Wazzub Johor - Malaysia and also thanks to Wazzub Malaysia team on keep promoting our Wazzub. Yeah! I agreed Wazzub is Big Gift from God !..May15..every members will feel happy forever ! I appreciated to all my group members on continuing full support me..see u all at the top and success. God bless us too..Wazzub !!
Wazzub is a place where our dreams come true.
It's a gift from heaven for everyone to grab.
God bless Wazzub and everyone.

Barree Noynay
Cebu, Philippines
This is a Place where People should get in. The power which No one ever imagine could be possible! Many are still Oblivious of this Opportunity but then Members who took their First step and understand what Wazzub is for has gotten their selves into a higher level of confidence that this is truly the ANSWER and indeed sent by our Almighty above!
Wazzub is for everybody who's in NEED of something in life. I admit I have a weak convincing power to let others join with me, nevertheless I was still holding on to something positive that this is yet by far the best answer to my Grasping Financial Situation... More Power to you Gee and to the rest of the People who's behind this Unique and Once in a life time Opportunity..I'm Glad i'm in...
With Wazzub,our dreams as come true, thanks be to the dreamers and thaks be to God for a wazzub dreams come true, i cant wait for the mean day(9-04-2012) God bless ever one that makes it possible..
Godfrey Alie
i'm very happy with wazzub,it's a wonderfull opportunity, it's the best that i never heard before, i have no world to describe my happiness, i'm seriously only 21 years old and i'm very happy to know this project now...
i think that you have a big heart to do that
when i received a mail from a marketer friend, i started to read the mail and the idea makes me dream a lot, then i want to thank you too much for wazzub because it will change my family's life and friend's life...god bless U gee.
“Já ancorado na Antártida, ouvi ruídos que pareciam de fritura.
- Será que até aqui existem chineses fritando pastéis?
Eram cristais de água doce congelada, que faziam aquele som quando entravam em contato com a água salgada.
O efeito visual era belíssimo!
Pensei em fotografar, mas falei para mim mesmo:
- Calma, você terá muito tempo para isso...
Nos 367 dias que se seguiram, o fenômeno não se repetiu.
Algumas oportunidades são únicas.”
Wazzub é uma oportunidade única! Jamais foi feita e provavelmente não será nos próximos anos. Este é o momento. Não deixe para amanhã!
Amyr Klink ~ Brasil ~
WAZZUB profit sharing Phenomenon will be closing it door April 9 2012 and people are still sketical about joining the program, but i will like to say to those people that WAZZUB is real, Wazzub will change million of life around the world. April 9 2012 will be Wazzub day. and Wazzub will be the most talk about topic. Thanks to Gee Da Costa for his brilliant idea and God bless you Gee.
For almost 7 years of trying any internet opportunity that I dream to have, lots of them only fly by night website, other gave some cent but others who promised BIG profit don't. Last years Dec. 2011 my business start to fallout until I closed my business this Jan. 2012. But I'm lucky because I found Wazzub before its Pre-Lunch who has a Brilliant Concept that never heard & never Seen on the Internet before. Now that I found this GOLD (WAZZUB) that I'm looking for, for the past 7 years of searching, I will never never never let this opportunity past in my life. Thank you GEE for giving us this great opportunity. Wauzzub is my Family FOREVER.

Charles Dumlao
Verified Member Philippines
Crazy how life works. And I'm a true beiver that things happen for a reason and that life isn't just by accident. My hope and wish here is to spread the love and give my part back to this awesome opportunity and see to it that the ones in need get a little something as well thank-you in advance team wazzup your a true god sent and I look forward to history in the making and Proud to be a part of .

J Williams
this is the new Revolution on the internet dreams as come true
big thanks to all wazzub team and members together we can acheive our dreams

Michael Theys ~ Belgium ~